How ToMirror iPhone Screen on Jitsi

Screen sharing is great for interactive communication and collaboration. Sharing your iPhone or iPad screen on a Jitsi meeting is seamless with the app Bezel. This article is a quick guide on how to share your screen during a Jitsi call.

Step 1: Get Bezel on Your Mac

Bezel is tailor-made for iOS devices and works perfectly with Jitsi. The app is available for free, offering all necessary screen sharing capabilities:

Download Bezel for Mac

Bezel can also be found on the Mac App Store. While the free version displays a watermark on your shared screen, upgrading is an option if you prefer a clean display.

Step 2: Mirror Your iPhone

Open the Bezel app and then connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac via a USB cable. Your device will be visible on your Mac screen once you've connected it.

Bezel will guide you through the setup the first time you connect and trust your iPhone to your Mac.

Step 3: Join a Jitsi Meeting

Launch Jitsi and start or join a meeting. Then you can start to share your iPhone screen:

  1. In Jitsi, click on the screen share button at the bottom of the interface.
  2. Opt to share a window.
  3. Select the mirrored iPhone or iPad Bezel window.


Enhance your digital collaboration by projecting your iPhone or iPad screen onto Jitsi meetings with Bezel. This guide simplifies the process, making it easy to demonstrate apps, navigate iOS interfaces, or showcase multimedia content. Leverage Bezel for seamless iOS screen broadcasting in your Jitsi sessions, ensuring a productive and engaging presentation experience.