Privacy Policy

Last updated July 18, 2023

This document for Bezel from Nonstrict B.V. describes how and why we might collect, store, use and share ("process") your information when using our applications or services.

This policy applies when you download and use our application Bezel, or any other application of ours that link to this privacy policy.


Nonstrict tries to handle your data as carefully as possible. No data is stored, other than for the correct functioning of the application.

Data usage

Your preferences are stored on your devices, they are not shared with Nonstrict or any other third party.


No data is collected that can be linked to individual users.

No crash reports are collected, other than those collected by Apple.

We collect basic aggregate product interaction data, which is not linked to individual users. This includes, but is not limited to: the number of app launches, the number of mirror sessions, hard- and software version numbers. No data related to what you mirror is collected.


Bezel uses the Camera capability of macOS.

The camera permission is solely used to mirror your iPhone or iPad onto your Mac.

The mirrored content isn't stored on disk, nor is it transmitted to a third-party.

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