Bezel for Vision Pro now available

Show your iPhone
on your Mac

Bezel is the easiest way to view, present and record an iPhone.

 loved by 5,400+ people

Helping people mirror their iPhone at:

Simply plug in an iPhone

It automatically shows up on your Mac.

A beautiful look

Present and record with hyper realistic device frames.

Stellar performance

Outperforms native solutions like QuickTime.

And there's much more to love!

Supports iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Guided setup for new devices.

Bezels for every iPhone and iPad ever made.

Device rotation fully supported.

Resize to match physical size and pixel accurate.

Device sleep & lock detection.

Beautiful & fast native macOS app.

People love Bezel ❤️

“I'm using Bezel on a daily basis to demo to stakeholders and test new features with my teams. Bezel makes showing a particular app experience so seamless.”

Daan van de Kamp
Product Manager iOS & Android apps

“ok, ngl, what @mac_cain13 created with the Bezel app is pretty fucking cool.

timely for me as I am launching an iPhone app for my SaaS. will be great for product demos, etc.

excited to see how he grows this...”

SaaS Trash
Working on Squabbble

“Wish I had an excuse to make a mobile app for Cradle.”

Jelle Prins
Founder of

“This looks very cool!!!”

Ben Harraway
Creator of Vivid app

“Already deeply impressed by Bezel, super curious about what's next!”

Joris de Haes
Quality specialist

“This is really 100% exactly what I've always been looking for and wanted.”

Bram Stege
Designer at Q42 Agency

“Wow, well done! Super smooth!”

Felix Krause
Creator of Fastlane

“Downloaded two apps today with great onboarding flows that make complex permissions feel simple:
- @RewindAI for iOS
- Bezel by @nonstrict_hq”

Alexander Embiricos
Building Multi- app

“Instant buy if you're doing anything on your phone you need to share with others!”

Rick Pastoor
Building Rise Calender

“Better than QuickTime 👏”


“The setup procedure is so well done, and it works so well too. Very nice to easily get your own device mirrored as easily as a simulator.”

Stewart Lynch
Swift/iOS YouTuber

“This is such a great app to demo your iPhone on Mac, super polished and seamless.

And it works super well with Detail on macOS, combining your camera and iPhone screen to record and edit instantly.”

Paul Veugen
Founder of

“Nonstrict are doing great stuff. Love to see it!”

Aiden Fitzpatrick
Building Camo

“What a great tool! I especially like the 'physical size'. I've always been surprised that this isn't a feature in Sketch or Figma, so you can view your design in 1:1 format. It's even the correct size on my external display!”

Matthijs Klaver
Creative Strategist

“thank you! bought”

Marcin Krzyzaniwski
Judo app & Swift Studio