WWDC 2014

An unofficial index of sessions from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference held June 2 - 6, 2014 in San Franciso, California.

Apple announced OS X Yosemite (10.10) and iOS 8. Yosemite features a redesigned interface inspired by the flatter design from iOS 7. With the Continuity and Handoff features, iOS and Mac OS X more closely interact. Swift is introduced as a new programming language from Apple platforms, Swift is described as “Objective-C without the C”.

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WWDC14 • Session 101


Special Events • iOS, OS X • 1:39:32

WWDC 2014 Keynote

Speakers: Tim Cook, Brian Croll, Craig Federighi, Greg Joswiak, Chris Lattner, Tim Sweeney

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 102

Platforms State of the Union

Special Events • iOS, OS X • 1:42:45

WWDC 2014 Platforms State of the Union

Speakers: Johan Andersson, Max Drukman, Matt Firlik, Jacques Gasselin de Richebourg, Nicholas Hanlon, Ted Kremenek, Toby Paterson, Geoff Stahl, Andreas Wendker

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 103

Apple Design Awards

Special Events • iOS, OS X • 1:08:31

Join us for an unforgettable award ceremony celebrating developers and their outstanding work. The 2014 Apple Design Awards recognize state of the art apps that reflect excellence in design and innovation.

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 201

Advanced Topics in Internationalization

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 50:46

Making your app appealing to customers around the world requires more than basic localization. See how to tackle the complex aspects of making your app truly world-ready. Learn about the latest developments with internationalization on iOS and OS X, and learn from case studies illustrating common pitfalls to avoid and simple and effective techniques. Find out how to give your users a great experience no matter what language they speak or where they live.

Speakers: Doug Davidson, Deborah Goldsmith, Karan Misra

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 202

What's New in Cocoa Touch

Frameworks • iOS • 47:31

iOS 8 brings enhancements to the Cocoa Touch frameworks for making next generation apps on iOS. Learn about updates to view controllers, the introduction of size classes, and get an overview of all new APIs to help you create adaptive apps. Hear about new capabilities, such as extensions and handoff, which will enable you to create great experiences for users to keep them up to date at all times or allow them to continue their workflow when they move from one device to another. Find out which sessions you won't want to miss throughout the week.

Speaker: Luke Hiesterman

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 203

Introducing HealthKit

Frameworks • iOS • 51:55

HealthKit is a brand new framework that centralizes the data storage of personal health information. Learn from the framework authors how to save, query, and interpret health data to make your apps more engaging and personal for your users.

Speakers: Siji Rachel Tom, Justin Rushing

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 204

What's New in Cocoa

Frameworks • OS X • 55:04

OS X Yosemite brings a clean new look, view controller enhancements, Mac storyboards, app extensions, Continuity, and many additional features you can leverage through the Cocoa frameworks. This is your first stop to discover great Cocoa sessions throughout the week.

Speaker: Ali Ozer

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 205

Creating Extensions for iOS and OS X, Part 1

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 51:36

Extensions enable you to keep people engaged with your content across iOS and OS X. Learn how to create extensions that share content with social websites, engage users in Notification Center, and enable a variety of other exciting features. Tap into the potential of extensions and prepare to dive into advanced topics in Part 2.

Speakers: Ian Baird, Guy Fullerton, Matt Gamble

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 206

Introducing the Modern WebKit API

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 48:32

The modern WebKit framework enables developers to integrate web content into their native app experience with more features and fewer lines of code. Dive into the latest WebKit enhancements including modern Objective-C features such as blocks and explicit object types, advanced bridging between JavaScript and Objective-C, increased JavaScript performance via WebKit's super-fast JIT, and more—all delivered in an API unified for both iOS and OS X.

Speakers: Anders Carlsson, Beth Dakin

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 207

Accessibility on OS X

Frameworks • OS X • 52:25

OS X is known for its unsurpassed level of accessibility. Find out about an all-new OS X accessibility API to make adding accessibility support to your apps even easier. Discover how to add support for VoiceOver, Switch Control, automation and other assistive-technology clients to work with your OS X applications. Learn advanced techniques to make complex controls accessible with only a few lines of code.

Speakers: Chris Dolan, Patti Hoa

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 208

Introducing CloudKit

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 54:45

CloudKit is the framework that powers iCloud on iOS and OS X, now available directly in your app. Learn how you can take advantage of its feature-rich API to store and query your own custom data and assets in iCloud.

Speakers: Olivier Bonnet, Paul Seligman

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 209

Adapting Your App to the New UI of OS X Yosemite

Frameworks • OS X • 53:03

Take a tour of the new appearances and behaviors that Cocoa supports and learn how easy it is to adopt them when you use standard Cocoa classes. Get an overview of the changes to Cocoa and find out how to make your app fit in and feel familiar to people using OS X Yosemite.

Speakers: Rachel Goldeen, Patrick Heynen, Mike Stern

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 210

Accessibility on iOS

Frameworks • iOS • 50:41

iOS offers unmatched accessibility support that can help you reach a wider audience. Join us for an exploration of the features that iOS offers for users with specific needs, in areas such as vision, hearing, movement, and learning. Learn how to leverage existing and new UIAccessibility APIs in iOS 8, including expanded support for low vision users, to ensure that your app's features are available to all users.

Speaker: Clare Kasemset

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 211

Designing Intuitive User Experiences

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 1:01:20

Learn about the key concepts and principles that will enable you to make your app intuitive and approachable. Gain insights into how you can harness UI animations to help people stay oriented, get clear and meaningful feedback, and navigate with ease.

Speaker: Mike Stern

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 212

Storyboards and Controllers on OS X

Frameworks • OS X • 54:33

Learn how to build your OS X application using storyboards, view controllers, and gesture recognizers. See how these OS X enhancements can simplify complex user interaction controller code. Gain a practical understanding with a high level introduction to Xcode's Interface Builder integration and dive deep into a detailed discussion of the new APIs with tips to create great apps for OS X.

Speakers: Raleigh Ledet, Mike Swingler

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 213

Introducing HomeKit

Frameworks • iOS • 43:20

iOS 8 introduces HomeKit, a high-level device connectivity framework enabling apps to interact with physical accessories in the world around us. Learn the objects that define these devices, see how to control them, and discover how to create a full device control experience for the home.

Speaker: Kevin McLaughlin

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 214

View Controller Advancements in iOS 8

Frameworks • iOS • 55:40

View controllers are fundamental to creating apps on iOS. Learn about the enhancements made to view controllers in iOS 8 to improve the user experience in your apps. Dive into using and creating transition coordinators and find out about all-new additions to split view controllers and navigation controllers.

Speaker: Bruce Nilo

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 216

Building Adaptive Apps with UIKit

Frameworks • iOS • 56:42

Building your apps to be flexible enough to be used in different orientations and on different devices is crucial. Learn about the enhancements that have been made to UIKit view controllers to make it even easier for you to adapt your user interface to any size or orientation. See how to effectively use size classes to ensure a great user experience for any context and find out how Xcode can help you create and test your apps for different sized devices.

Speakers: Tony Ricciardi, Jacob Xiao

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 217

Creating Extensions for iOS and OS X, Part 2

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 49:25

Take the plunge into advanced extension concepts such as creating custom action extensions. Dive deep into extension architecture to learn how to provide a consistent experience between extensions and your app. See how to utilize extensions with Safari to bridge the gap between your websites and native apps, and discover how to make great extensions that users will love.

Speakers: Ian Baird, Aki Inoue, Damien Sorresso

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 218

Designing a Great In-App Purchase Experience

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 50:49

Being successful with In-App Purchases requires much more than just having a store within your app. A well-designed experience motivates customers to purchase, offers them the items that they want based on what's happening, communicates item details and pricing clearly, and provides vital feedback about the purchasing process. Learn key design techniques, how best to communicate when new content and subscriptions become available, how to handle large sets of In-App content, and important StoreKit tips.

Speaker: Rachel Roth

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 219

Adopting Handoff on iOS and OS X

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 51:03

Handoff allows people to seamlessly move activities between devices and pick up right where they left off. Learn how to save, transfer, and restore user activities in apps of all architectures. See how easy it is to add Handoff support to your iOS and OS X apps to make your user experience even better.

Speakers: Mike Jurewitz, Vince Spader, Keith Stattenfield

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WWDC14 • Session 220

Adopting Advanced Features of the New UI of OS X Yosemite

Frameworks • OS X • 51:11

OS X Yosemite introduces a refined new look, and Cocoa provides you with a rich set of APIs and facilities to embrace this new look in your application. Discover how to properly use these APIs to bring the refinement, translucency, and vibrancy of OS X Yosemite to your apps. Dive deep into a number of case studies demonstrating applications with different designs and needs.

Speakers: Chris Dreessen, Corbin Dunn

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 221

Creating Custom iOS User Interfaces

Frameworks • iOS • 47:12

Make your app stand out from the competition with a compelling, yet familiar, user interface, and custom controls that match your app's personality and effectively reveal it's key features. Learn advanced Core Animation techniques such as spring view animations, and see new visual effects such as blur and vibrancy and how they can give your apps a visual edge.

Speaker: Brandon Newendorp

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 222

Optimize Your Earning Power With iAd

Frameworks • iOS • 54:25

iAd technologies built into iOS let you easily include advertising in your app. Discover what's new in the iAd Framework, including multi-view banner strategies, full screen and video interstitials, and best practices to ensure optimal ad performance. You'll also learn how to implement iAd App Attribution to help you accurately measure the lifetime value of newly acquired customers.

Speaker: David Wilson

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 223

Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 57:49

Make better apps by trying things out first, before you write any code. Get a glimpse of Apple's prototyping process and the range of tools and techniques we use, some of which might surprise you.

Speakers: Linda Dong, Mark Hauenstein, Julian Missig, Jeffrey Traer Bernstein

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WWDC14 • Session 224

Core iOS Application Architectural Patterns

Frameworks • iOS • 41:38

Get the most out of iOS's frameworks by understanding their core idioms and expectations. Learn about pervasive design patterns like "Model, View, Controller", Target/Action, Delegation and others used throughout Cocoa Touch. Gain practical knowledge of architectural idioms to organize your code for flexibility, clarity and reliability. See how to structure your app to take full advantage of Apple's frameworks.

Speaker: Bill Dudney

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 225

What's New in Core Data

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 44:08

Learn about the latest enhancements to the Core Data framework. Hear how to efficiently update your objects, execute simultaneous operations, and extend the framework to support your custom requirements.

Speakers: Ben Trumbull, Melissa Turner

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 226

What's New in Table and Collection Views

Frameworks • iOS • 52:54

iOS 8 brings dynamic type front and foremost throughout UIKit classes. Learn about extensive enhancements made to table views and collection views, empowering you to create dynamically sized cells and exercise greater control over layouts. Find out how to align user expectations from their settings to your UI.

Speakers: Olivier Gutknecht, Luke Hiesterman

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 227

Creating Modern Cocoa Apps

Frameworks • OS X • 48:37

Developing apps for OS X Yosemite is easier than ever with new enhancements to Cocoa. Learn how to use these new tools and APIs to develop a modern OS X app. Explore what's now available in Cocoa and learn to harness and implement these key technologies to make your app at once totally modern and familiar to people using it on OS X Yosemite.

Speakers: Alex Migicovsky, Tony Parker

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 228

A Look Inside Presentation Controllers

Frameworks • iOS • 45:52

iOS 8 brings you powerful new means of presenting content within your apps. Hear how presentation controllers were leveraged by UIKit to give you fine grain control using new alert and searching APIs. Dive deep into how presentation controllers work and how you can use them to present content within your app in exciting new ways.

Speakers: Peter Hajas, Jim Turner

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 229

Advanced iOS Application Architecture and Patterns

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 48:00

Explore a selection of high-level software engineering techniques presented in the context of Cocoa Touch. Learn how to manage complexity in large codebases by clearly defining where truth resides, by controlling state with Swift's powerful value types and immutability, and by thinking in terms of composition.

Speakers: Colin Barrett, Andy Matuschak

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 230

Making a Great First Impression With Strong Onboarding Design

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 57:20

Learn how to effectively introduce new users to the capabilities and features of your app or game in a way that will draw them in the very first time and then keep them coming back.

Speakers: John Cavanaugh, Rachel Roth

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 231

Advanced CloudKit

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 51:48

Dive deep into CloudKit! Learn how to perform advanced operations on records and store private data and gain a deeper understanding about custom record zones, ensuring data integrity, and effectively modeling your data.

Speaker: Jacob Farkas

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 232

Advanced User Interfaces with Collection Views

Frameworks • iOS • 54:53

Building an advanced user interface with collection view requires a great design, careful code architecture, and often times a custom layout. Learn how the iTunes team used UICollectionView to deliver a new version of the iTunes Connect app with an updated user interface incorporating pinning headers, swipe to edit and reorder, and a manageable code-base.

Speaker: Jeff Watkins

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 233

Sharing code between iOS and OS X

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 44:58

Learn what the iWork engineers did to ship iWork for iOS and Mac from a single codebase. Explore the patterns for sharing code between desktop and mobile, and see how you can optimize your code and write great apps.

Speakers: Chris Cowdery-Corvan, Elizabeth Reid

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 234

Building a Document-based App

Frameworks • iOS • 50:40

Come hear the advancements in document handling in iOS 8. See how easy it is to use the new Document Picker UI. Learn how to share documents between apps, and even provide documents to other apps from your custom data store.

Speakers: Johannes Fortmann, Mike Hess

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 235

Advanced Scrollviews and Touch Handling Techniques

Frameworks • iOS • 56:57

Scrollviews build on gesture recognizers and underlying multi-touch mechanics to provide a fundamental piece of the iOS user experience. Gain a broader understanding of the iOS touch handling architecture through practical real-world examples. Discover advanced tips and tricks for combining scrolling with other touch handling techniques to create delightful user interfaces.

Speakers: Eliza Block, Josh Shaffer

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 236

Building Interruptible and Responsive Interactions

Frameworks • iOS • 52:58

Learn how to fluidly transition interactive UI elements from gesture-driven control to animated transitions. Take advantage of new iOS 8 behavior to smoothly transition between several animations on the same view. Discover architectural approaches to interfaces which remain interactive while they animate.

Speakers: Andy Matuschak, Josh Shaffer

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 237

A Strategy for Great Work

Frameworks • iOS, OS X • 55:07

Experience with past projects can help you do better work in the future if you can draw out the right lessons from what's happened. Hear stories and gain valuable insights from a senior engineer, with a lot of Apple software development experience, who's learned a few lessons along the way and figured out some useful approaches to take.

Speaker: Ken Kocienda

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 601

Harnessing the Power of the Mac Pro with OpenGL and OpenCL

Graphics and Games • OS X • 55:30

The new Mac Pro enables you to unleash the power of dual workstation-class GPUs and multiple CPU cores in ways that just weren't possible until now. Gain a deeper understanding of the integration between OpenCL and OpenGL and see how to tap into the parallel compute and rendering power of the Mac.

Speaker: Abe Stephens

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 602

Ingredients of Great Games

Graphics and Games • iOS • 56:32

Kick off the game development sessions of WWDC 2014 by gaining insight into the key ingredients needed to create a great game for iOS. Understand the importance of harnessing the full capabilities of the platform to create a richer gameplay experience. Get practical guidance about game production and distribution, and learn the design and platform conventions that will make your game even more engaging.

Speakers: Allan Schaffer, Geoff Stahl

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WWDC14 • Session 603

Working with Metal: Overview

Graphics and Games • iOS • 46:22

Metal provides extremely efficient access to the graphics and compute power of the A7 chip. Get introduced to the essential concepts behind Metal, its low-overhead architecture, streamlined API, and unified shading language. See how Metal lets you take your iOS game or app to the next level of performance and capability.

Speakers: Jeremy Sandmel, Sean Tracey

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WWDC14 • Session 604

Working with Metal: Fundamentals

Graphics and Games • iOS • 53:42

Start learning how to code with Metal in this step-by-step walkthrough of basic scene rendering. See the code you need to get your first Metal-based application up and running. Explore how to create graphics and compute shaders and efficiently animate scenes.

Speakers: Aaftab Munshi, Richard Schreyer

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WWDC14 • Session 605

Working with Metal: Advanced

Graphics and Games • iOS • 53:18

Building on the fundamentals, learn how to create advanced games and graphics applications with Metal. See how to construct your rendering pipeline, understand how to use compute and graphics together, and discover how to optimize your Metal-based app.

Speakers: Gokhan Avkarogullari, Aaftab Munshi, Serhat Tekin

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WWDC14 • Session 606

What's New in SpriteKit

Graphics and Games • iOS, OS X • 55:27

SpriteKit provides everything you need for high-performance 2D games to animate sprites, simulate physics, and create stunning graphics effects. Check out new APIs for enhanced shading and lighting, advances in physics and collisions, constraints and inverse kinematics, integration with SceneKit, and powerful editing tools built right into Xcode 6.

Speaker: Norman Wang

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 608

Best Practices for Building SpriteKit Games

Graphics and Games • iOS, OS X • 51:38

Gain a deeper understanding of the best practices to follow when building a SpriteKit based game. Get tips about game construction and see how to map the logical elements of your game into SpriteKit. Learn how data driven techniques can speed your development cycle, and discover how to achieve maximum performance for rendering, physics, and animation.

Speakers: Jacques Gasselin de Richebourg, Nick Porcino

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 609

What's New in SceneKit

Graphics and Games • iOS, OS X • 44:49

Now available for iOS and OS X, SceneKit is an inventive high-level graphics framework enabling your apps to efficiently load, manipulate, and render 3D scenes. Get reintroduced to SceneKit and check out how your apps can take advantage of its latest capabilities. Learn about advanced capabilities for physics and animation, support for subdivision surfaces, new rendering effects, integration with SpriteKit, and much more.

Speakers: Aymeric Bard, Thomas Goossens

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 610

Building a Game with SceneKit

Graphics and Games • iOS, OS X • 43:26

Dive into the practical workflow of developing a 3D side-scrolling game using SceneKit. See how to get started, and learn about tools for managing game assets, creating particle systems, and editing nodes. Understand how SceneKit integrates with your art pipeline and learn how to implement lighting, shadows, and other visual effects. Come away from the session with a demo game in-hand and ready to play.

Speakers: Amaury Balliet, Thomas Goossens

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 611

Designing for Game Controllers

Graphics and Games • iOS, OS X • 42:04

The Game Controller framework enables games to integrate with MFi game controllers and take advantage of exciting new modes of input. Check out the latest additions and get expert advice about best practices to follow when adding game controller support to your titles. Understand how to avoid common pitfalls and gain key insights into what it takes to create an experience that's intuitive and fun.

Speaker: JJ Cwik

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 612

Motion Tracking with the Core Motion Framework

Graphics and Games • iOS • 53:32

Core Motion leverages the M7 motion coprocessor and other built-in sensors to provide support for step counting and motion tracking. See examples of Core Motion based apps in action. Learn how health and fitness apps use pedometer information to give users performance and workout results, and how journaling apps use motion classification to tag the day's activities.

Speakers: Sunny Chow, Andy Pham

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 501

What's New in Core Audio

Media • iOS, OS X • 57:39

See what's new in Core Audio for iOS and OS X. Be introduced to the powerful new APIs for managing audio buffers, files, and data formats. Learn how to incorporate views to facilitate switching between inter-app audio apps on iOS. Take an in depth look at how to tag Audio Units and utilize MIDI over Bluetooth LE.

Speakers: Michael Hopkins, Eric Johnson, Torrey Walker, Doug Wyatt

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 502

AVAudioEngine in Practice

Media • iOS, OS X • 47:55

Dive deeper into the new Objective-C based audio graph system in AV Foundation. Learn how apps can utilize rich audio services from simple audio playback tasks to complex audio rendering chains, including effects and 3D spatial rendering for games.

Speaker: Kapil Krishnamurthy

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 503

Mastering Modern Media Playback

Media • iOS, OS X • 45:43

Media playback just got easier and more powerful with the introduction of AVKit on iOS. Hear how AVKit provides view-level services that give you access to the modern media capabilities of AV Foundation. Learn the best practices for playing audiovisual media on iOS and OS X.

Speakers: Stefan Hafeneger, Shalini Sahoo

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 504

Advanced Media for the Web

Media • iOS, OS X • 50:10

With the increasing popularity of media on the web, content providers find themselves confronted by an over-abundance of formats, codecs and technologies competing for their attention. See how to use the latest HTML5 technologies in WebKit and Safari to make it easier to deliver media to your users and explore the performance and user experience tradeoffs you'll need to keep in mind when deciding between building for simplicity and fine-grained control.

Speakers: Brent Fulgham, Jer Noble

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 505

Harnessing Metadata in Audiovisual Media

Media • iOS, OS X • 48:14

Rich metadata, such as time, date, location, and user defined tags, are particularly useful for time-based media. Discover how to harness static and timed metadata in your AV Foundation apps. See how to write metadata into media and read it during playback. Gain knowledge of best practices for privacy and protecting user data.

Speakers: Shalini Sahoo, Adam Sonnanstine

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 506

Ensuring Continuity Between Your App, Your Website, and Safari

Media • iOS, OS X • 54:02

While a modern digital presence combines both apps and traditional web sites, people expect a coherent, seamless, and device-optimized experience in each case. Learn techniques and best practices for successfully making transitions between iOS and OS X apps and the web. Gain insights into the appropriate web standards you can use to make your web content look and work optimally in Safari.

Speakers: Ricky Mondello, Andrew Whalley

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 508

Camera Capture: Manual Controls

Media • iOS • 59:33

Learn about using manual controls to manipulate focus, exposure, and white balance. Take control of the camera's focus position, ISO, shutter speed, temperature, tint, and more. Learn how to use the new iOS 8 exposure bracketing API to enable powerful creative and computational photography applications. Discover view-level services for capturing audio and video on OS X.

Speakers: Aparna Bhatnagar, Matthew Calhoun, Brad Ford, John Papandriopoulos

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 509

Creating 3D Interactive Content with WebGL

Media • iOS, OS X • 54:50

WebGL allows you to create amazing content that lifts off the page. Learn how to use WebGL to create immersive online experiences, display three-dimensional models with real-time interactivity and use image processing techniques typically thought of as unavailable on the web.

Speakers: Brady Eidson, Dean Jackson

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 510

What's New in iAd Workbench

Media • iOS, OS X • 50:50

iAd Workbench makes it simple to create and manage mobile ad campaigns that reach the right audience for your apps, products or brands. Discover how features such as new creative executions, enhanced targeting and pricing capabilities and access via API's make iAd Workbench more effective and easy to work with. Learn how app download attribution and custom audience segments can provide insights into your audience, deliver customized messages and realize long term value.

Speakers: Ravi Chittari, Paresh Rajwat

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 511

Introducing the Photos Frameworks

Media • iOS • 53:07

iOS 8 introduces two frameworks for managing the photo library and enhancing editing in photo, video, and camera apps. Get introduced to the Photos Framework and see how it enables you to build first-class photo browsing and editing apps. Learn about photo editing extensions with the PhotosUI framework and see how to include your own editing features into the built-in Photos app.

Speakers: Simon Bovet, Karl Hsu, Adam Swift

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 512

Web Inspector and Modern JavaScript

Media • iOS, OS X • 50:56

Web Inspector, the powerful debugging tool in WebKit, is now available to JavaScriptCore-based apps. Find out how to leverage Web Inspector in your WebKit- and JavaScriptCore-based apps on iOS and OS X. Gain an overview of what's new in the JavaScript language and how to use modern JavaScript in your apps.

Speaker: Timothy Hatcher

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 513

Direct Access to Video Encoding and Decoding

Media • iOS, OS X • 52:42

Discover how to use AV Foundation and Video Toolbox to access hardware accelerated encoding and decoding services. Gain best practices for when it is appropriate to use a high-level or low-level API for encoding or decoding. Learn about multi-pass export for improved H.264 encoding and see how to use it in your app.

Speakers: David Eldred, Erik Turnquist

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WWDC14 • Session 514

Advances in Core Image

Media • iOS, OS X • 50:54

Core Image lets you create amazing effects in your camera and image editing apps. Learn about the advances in Core Image for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Get introduced to writing custom image processing filters for iOS and see how they can be used in Photos extensions. Walk through the enhancements for working with large images, and get details about the newest filters and detectors.

Speakers: David Hayward, Serhan Uslubas

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 515

Developing Core Image Filters for iOS

Media • iOS, OS X • 51:38

Dive deeper into creating your own custom Core Image filters for iOS. Learn about writing filter kernels and get details about the Core Image kernel language. See how to use custom filters in your apps or make them available to other apps via extensions.

Speakers: Tony Chu, Alexandre Naaman

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 516

Improving the Accessibility and Usability of Complex Web Applications

Media • iOS, OS X • 41:08

The increasing complexity of modern web applications brings increased challenges to ensuring your web app is usable by everyone. Discover how accessibility benefits everyone, and why it's worth the effort. Learn advanced tips and techniques, and discover new developer tools for increasing productivity and avoiding common pitfalls.

Speaker: Jesse Bunch

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 517

Designing Responsive Web Experiences

Media • iOS, OS X • 43:09

As your user base grows, so will the variety of devices you'll need to support. People expect modern web sites to be fast, visually appealing, and rich functionally, regardless of a device's performance characteristics, resolution or size. Learn how to use the latest web technologies in WebKit and Safari to create engaging, attractive, and adaptive layouts across all devices.

Speakers: Casey Dougherty, Edward O'Connor

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 301

Affiliate Tools for App Developers

Services • iOS, OS X • 58:21

Earn commission while linking to iTunes music, apps, books, and more. Get an overview of the new global iTunes Affiliate Program and see how simple it is to get started linking to iTunes content using iOS APIs and SmartApp Banners, creating iTunes Radio stations, and much more.

Speakers: Mark Miller, Rick Rubenstein

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 302

The New iTunes Connect

Services • iOS, OS X • 50:07

Get acquainted with the new iTunes Connect—your hub for publishing on the App Store. Learn about new ways to market with App Bundles and App Previews and how to make even better apps with App Analytics and TestFlight Beta Testing.

Speakers: Trystan Kosmynka, Daniel Miao, Dave Van Tassell

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 303

Optimizing In-App Purchases

Services • iOS, OS X • 52:08

Using the StoreKit framework properly and optimizing the user experience of your In-App store is vital in order to never miss out on a sale or confuse people. Learn valuable techniques for a trouble free browsing and purchasing experience, and to ensure your app gets through the app submission process smoothly.

Speaker: James Wilson

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 304

Creating Great App Previews

Services • iOS • 51:01

Spark interest in your app by showing a compelling video preview highlighting the magic moments that make your app unique. Learn how to plan, create and publish your App Preview using Apple's tools, guidelines and best practices.

Speakers: John Danty, Karen Poznansky, Paul Turner

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 305

Preventing Unauthorized Purchases with Receipts

Services • iOS, OS X • 57:35

Receipts provide a valuable record of the sale for an app or for any In-App Purchases made from within an app. You can add receipt validation code to your app to prevent unauthorized purchases and protect your content. Learn how to verify exactly what people have paid for and how to validate these transactions.

Speaker: James Wilson

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WWDC14 • Session 306

JavaScript for Automation

Services • OS X • 52:33

Automation in OS X has always been about power and choice. Scriptable applications, including Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and the Finder, can already be automated using a variety of languages, including AppleScript, Objective-C, Perl, Python, and Ruby. With OS X Yosemite, application scripting support has been added to another popular language, JavaScript. JavaScript for Automation (JXA) extends the standard JavaScript environment provided by the JavaScriptCore framework with support for querying and controlling all of the scriptable applications running in OS X. JXA scripts are supported at all layers of the system and can be invoked from the command-line, from the system-wide Script Menu, and can even be distributed as code-signed applications.

Speakers: Sal Soghoian, David Steinberg

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WWDC14 • Session 401

What's New in Xcode 6

Tools • iOS, OS X • 53:54

Xcode is the development environment for creating amazing apps for iOS and OS X. Start the week by watching the Xcode team demonstrate the latest features and workflows in Xcode 6. This session also provides a complete overview of the in-depth developer tools topics covered at WWDC 2014.

Speakers: Daniel Dunbar, Mike Ferris, Jon Hess, Ken Orr, Kate Stone

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WWDC14 • Session 402

Introduction to Swift

Tools • iOS, OS X • 52:12

Swift is Apple's brand-new programming language for writing great iOS and OS X apps. Learn the basics of the language. See how to declare variables, use the fundamental data types, declare functions, and implement classes. Explore some of the great features that make Swift a safe, modern, and extremely powerful language.

Speakers: Dave Addey, Tim Isted

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WWDC14 • Session 403

Intermediate Swift

Tools • iOS, OS X • 53:20

Explore the modern features of the Swift programming language. Learn about object initialization, closures, and optionals. See how you can perform pattern matching using Swift's powerful switch statements.

Speakers: Joe Groff, Brian Lanier

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WWDC14 • Session 404

Advanced Swift

Tools • iOS, OS X • 1:00:19

Dive deep into Swift! Explore some of its more powerful features, like operator overloading, string interpolation, and advanced pattern matching. Learn how to take advantage of generics to write terse and expressive code.

Speakers: Dave Abrahams, John McCall

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WWDC14 • Session 406

Integrating Swift with Objective-C

Tools • iOS, OS X • 57:51

Swift makes it faster, easier, and more fun than ever to write Cocoa apps. See how you can integrate Swift alongside your existing Objective-C code. Learn how design patterns translate between languages and how you can start integrating Swift into your apps today.

Speakers: Anders Bertelrud, Jordan Rose, Dave Schaefgen

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WWDC14 • Session 407

Swift Interoperability In Depth

Tools • iOS, OS X • 57:56

Swift and Objective-C work together at multiple levels to ensure that you can create great apps for iOS and OS X. Dive deep with us to see how to use fundamental Core Foundation and C types in your Swift code. Learn how bridging values work and gain a practical understanding of how Swift and Objective-C can accelerate your app development.

Speaker: Doug Gregor

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WWDC14 • Session 408

Swift Playgrounds

Tools • iOS, OS X • 55:39

Playgrounds are a new and innovative way to explore the Swift programming language. Explore how Playgrounds provide new workflows, enable rapid development, help you conveniently step through your code to diagnose bugs, and make it easier than ever to learn new concepts.

Speakers: Rick Ballard, Connor Wakamo

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WWDC14 • Session 409

Introduction to LLDB and the Swift REPL

Tools • iOS, OS X • 48:46

Learn how to use LLDB, Apple's state-of-the-art debugger. Learn how to analyze stack traces and diagnose bugs. See how you can test your hypotheses and explore your app's state with the Swift REPL.

Speaker: Sean Callanan

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WWDC14 • Session 410

Advanced Swift Debugging in LLDB

Tools • iOS, OS X • 47:35

Explore LLDB's powerful features that help you more quickly debug your Swift code. Learn about LLDB's support for protocols, generics, optionals, and mixed-language source code.

Speaker: Enrico Granata

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WWDC14 • Session 411

What's New in Interface Builder

Tools • iOS, OS X • 56:16

Interface Builder makes it easy to create world-class interfaces using the design canvas. Learn how to use storyboards to arrange the views of your app, use Auto Layout to adapt to changes, and see how to easily make connections between your UI and your implementation on both iOS and OS X.

Speakers: Kevin Cathey, Quinn Taylor

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WWDC14 • Session 412

Localizing with Xcode 6

Tools • iOS, OS X • 49:50

Your app deserves a global audience, and iOS, OS X, and Xcode 6 make it easy to design and test applications in multiple languages. Discover how you can easily add and manage localized content, preview and test with different languages, and export and import content for localizers to translate.

Speakers: Zoltan Foley-Fisher, Chris Hanson

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WWDC14 • Session 413

Debugging in Xcode 6

Tools • iOS, OS X • 37:07

Xcode provides a powerful debugging user interface backed by the new state-of-the-art LLDB debugger. Discover how you can more easily explore and fix your user interfaces, add custom Quick Look support for your own classes and get deeper insight into how and from where your app is enqueuing work.

Speakers: Kerry Hazelgren, Troy Koelling, Han-Ming Ong

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WWDC14 • Session 414

Testing in Xcode 6

Tools • iOS, OS X • 47:47

Unit testing is an essential tool to consistently verify your code works correctly. Learn how Xcode 6 takes this to the next level with support for performance testing, baselining, and integration with Xcode bots to continually monitor your performance over time and devices.

Speakers: Brooke Callahan, Wil Turner

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WWDC14 • Session 415

Continuous Integration with Xcode 6

Tools • iOS, OS X • 39:56

Xcode bots provide a seamless way to continually build, analyze, and test your applications across many devices. See the Xcode team show how to set up and configure bots, review unit and performance testing data, and set up custom triggers and integration points.

Speakers: Matt Moriarity, Matt Patenaude, Brent Shank

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WWDC14 • Session 416

Building Modern Frameworks

Tools • iOS, OS X • 45:55

Frameworks are a great way to share code between your apps and their extensions. Learn how you can convert your static libraries into frameworks. Go in-depth on how to best organize and share your code between your projects so you can increase code reuse.

Speaker: Chris Parker

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WWDC14 • Session 417

What's New in LLVM

Tools • iOS, OS X • 47:44

The Apple LLVM compiler continues to evolve, with support for 64-bit iOS products, powerful new optimizations, and other new features. Learn about some of the advanced technology that the compiler uses to increase the performance of your code, and get details on how to take advantage of the latest features in the compiler.

Speakers: Jim Grosbach, Nadav Rotem, Bob Wilson

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WWDC14 • Session 418

Improving Your App with Instruments

Tools • iOS, OS X • 55:25

Whether you're new to optimizing your app's performance or a seasoned veteran, learn about the new version of Instruments. See the new workflows, tools, and tips that will help you analyze and refine your app as it adopts the latest Apple technologies, including Swift and app extensions.

Speakers: Daniel Delwood, Joe Grzywacz, Kris Markel

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WWDC14 • Session 419

Advanced Graphics and Animations for iOS Apps

Tools • iOS • 45:43

Creating a responsive UI requires an understanding of Core Animation and how mobile GPUs work. Learn about the iOS rendering pipeline in Core Animation, the new UIVisualEffectView and how it utilizes the GPU. Find out about the available tools for profiling UI performance. See how to identify and fix performance issues on a variety of devices.

Speakers: Michael Ingrassia, Axel Wefers

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WWDC14 • Session 701

Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 51:34

Learn how to create app-enabled accessories. Understand your options for designing accessories that connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or the Lightning connector. Learn how to develop accessories that work with HealthKit and HomeKit.

Speakers: Kevin McLaughlin, Jorge Moriñigo, Robert Walsh, Terry Worley

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WWDC14 • Session 702

Managing Apple Devices

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 50:20

Learn about the latest developments in managing Apple devices in an enterprise environment. Learn how MDM can be used to wirelessly configure settings, monitor compliance with policies, install apps, and remotely wipe devices, and how these capabilities can be integrated with in-house or third-party server solutions.

Speakers: Todd Fernandez, Jussi-Pekka Mantere, Mark Whittemore

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WWDC14 • Session 703

What's New in the Accelerate Framework

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 52:12

The Accelerate framework has always provided fast, energy efficient signal and image processing and linear algebra libraries. Learn about new interfaces that are easier to adopt and give you the same speed, and about new primitives that make it easier to write your own vector code for iOS and OS X.

Speakers: Geoff Belter, Steve Canon

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WWDC14 • Session 704

Building Apps for Enterprise and Education

Core OS • iOS • 54:56

Learn about data security, enterprise authentication, integration with back-end systems, app configuration methods, and the latest technologies for interacting with documents, accessories, and more. Get helpful tips for constructing your apps to meet the needs of schools and educators, as well as key requirement from IT. Perfect for everyone looking to get their apps in the hands of business professionals, educators, and students worldwide.

Speakers: Alexander Botkin, Dave Rahardja

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 705

Distributing Enterprise Apps

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 36:41

Learn how to provision and deploy apps across your enterprise. Leverage key Apple programs such as the Volume Purchase Program and the iOS Developer Enterprise Program to get the right apps in the hands of your employees, contractors, and partners. Learn how to manage certificates and provisioning profiles to deploy your apps, and take advantage of mobile device management (MDM) tools to provide a seamless experience for your users. Gain insight into the complete app management lifecycle; from signing your in-house apps in Xcode, to distributing, managing, and revoking apps across your workforce.

Speaker: Dave Rahardja

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WWDC14 • Session 706

What's New in Core Location

Core OS • iOS • 47:06

Find out how your app can use new functionality in Core Location to do automatic check-in or journal the user's location. Learn how location authorization is changing to give the user more precise control of what location services an App is authorized is use, and what this means for developers and users.

Speakers: Brad Jensen, Stephen Rhee

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WWDC14 • Session 707

What's New in Foundation Networking

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 55:14

The NSURLSession class provides powerful HTTP networking features in iOS and OS X. Learn about new NSURLSession capabilities and hear expert advice on practical, efficient and high performance networking for your apps.

Speakers: Steve Algernon, Scott Marshall, Dan Vinegrad

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 708

Taking Core Location Indoors

Core OS • iOS • 32:02

iOS 8 makes it possible for an iOS app to determine its precise indoor position in supported venues. Learn best practices on how your app can take advantage of indoor positioning. Discover how indoor positioning and iBeacon complement each other, and understand the best use cases for both technologies. As a venue, find out how you can get involved and signup to enable indoor positioning.

Speakers: Vitali Lovich, Nav Patel

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 709

Cross Platform Nearby Networking

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 43:24

Multipeer Connectivity comes to OS X. You can now discover and communicate with nearby devices on OS X and iOS. See what is new. Learn about best practices and advanced topics, such as writing cross platform code, customizing discovery and handling certificates.

Speakers: Eric Chien, Demijan Klinc

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 710

Writing Energy Efficient Code, Part 1

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 49:24

People expect long battery life on both their iOS devices and Mac laptops and your apps play a vital role in ensuring long battery life. Get an overview of energy efficiency best practices and learn about new APIs in iOS and OS X that help you to minimize the energy impact of your code.

Speaker: Anthony Chivetta

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 711

Keychain and Authentication with Touch ID

Core OS • iOS • 45:30

The Keychain has always been the most secure place to store passwords and other sensitive data. iOS 8 introduces significant new security features. Discover how to integrate Touch ID into your apps using the Keychain and the new LocalAuthentication framework. Learn about other Keychain enhancements, including how to tie data to the user's passcode.

Speakers: Wade Benson, Libor Sykora

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 712

Writing Energy Efficient Code, Part 2

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 56:38

Go in-depth into specific API and design patterns you can use to avoid consuming excessive energy as well as tools that can help you diagnose issues.

Speaker: Albert Liu

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WWDC14 • Session 713

What's New in iOS Notifications

Core OS • iOS • 34:13

Local and push notifications let background or inactive apps notify users that an event of interest has occurred, or that an app has new information for them. See how to configure interactive notifications to let users act on notifications from banners, alerts, in notification center and on the lock screen. Learn how to trigger notifications using geofences and iBeacons, and discover the new API's for registering for user notifications and remote pushes.

Speakers: Rhett Dickson, Dan Kurtz

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 714

Fix Bugs Faster using Activity Tracing

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 38:11

Finding and diagnosing application bugs can be very difficult. Activity Tracing is a new technology that can dramatically improve your speed and efficiency finding bugs in your code. Log trace messages to an auto-generated ring buffer while associating them with the originating user action. Reduce the time sifting through unrelated log messages trying to understand what was going on when the failure happened.

Speaker: Eric Clements

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 715

User Privacy in iOS and OS X

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 45:58

Learn about new iOS and OS X privacy features and get details on new and updated APIs. Hear best practices for delivering great features and respecting your customers' privacy.

Speakers: Katie Skinner, David Stites

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 716

Power, Performance and Diagnostics: What's new in GCD and XPC

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 39:59

Learn about new features in GCD and XPC that help you write responsive energy-efficient apps and diagnose their interactions with the system.

Speaker: Daniel Steffen

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WWDC14 • Session 717

Kids and Apps

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 34:53

With Student Accounts and Family Sharing, kids under age 13 can now have fully-featured accounts for buying apps and In-App Purchases. However, regulations in the US and other countries limit what information you can collect from kids without parental permission. Learn about the new account programs, whether and how to check the age of your app's user, what you can and can't do without parental permission, and how to request parental consent if you need to.

Speaker: Chris Espinosa

Unlisted on Apple Developer site

WWDC14 • Session 718

Adopting AirPrint

Core OS • iOS, OS X • 49:19

AirPrint is widely supported by all the well-known printer companies. Learn how quick and easy it is to support AirPrint in your app. Discover what's new and improved in the iOS printing system.

Speakers: Charles Duyk, Howard Miller, Todd Ritland, Claudia Roberts

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