AppsLaunching Bezel for Apple Vision Pro

Today we launch our app Bezel for Apple Vision Pro! πŸš€ Bezel makes your iPhone appear as a 3D model in your space with the screen wirelessly mirrored.

Mathijs Kadijk, Tom Lokhorst

1 min read

Bezel on visionOS wirelessly mirrors your iPhone and allows you to resize and position the iPhone model around you. It's perfect for presentations, a live preview of what your working on and to access apps that are only available on iOS.

We felt spatial computing was an opportunity to mirror an iPhone in a even better looking way. The iPhone is shown inside Apple Vision Pro as a realistic three-dimensional model which responds dynamically to natural light and casts shadows, making it look and feel present in a user’s physical world. Making full use of one of the best things Apple Vision Pro has to offer, merging the digital and physical world together.

With this launch we also introduce wireless mirroring to Bezel on visionOS. This makes it very convenient to start mirroring without having to use a cable.

It was a lot of much fun to build this app, working on a new platform, introducing new fundamental features and making use of the beatiful 3D rendering in Apple Vision Pro. We're looking forward to all the early adopters of Vision Pro and their feedback Bezel for this platform.

Bezel has is available on the App Store and you can learn more about the app at


We've created short video demonstrating the basics of Bezel on Apple Vision Pro: