AppsLaunching Bezel

Today we launch our macOS app Bezel! 🚀 It helps you to show an iPhone on your Mac. Just plug it in the cable and it shows up, simple as that.

Mathijs Kadijk, Tom Lokhorst

1 min read

Bezel is our macOS app that mirrors any iPhone on your Mac by just plugging it in. Bezel makes it quick and easy to present, record and demo any app. Bezel also looks beautiful with high resolution, super accurate device frames that match the connected iPhones color.

It scratches an itch. I was looking for a better tool to present my work on iOS apps in product demos. Also checking designs on a real device and working on apps with bluetooth is such a hassle. Even if you get them working it often doesn't look like a realistic device.

That's why Tom and I created Bezel. We tried to make everything that is complex very simple and easy to use. So starting to mirror your iPhone really is as simple as connecting the cable. We also make it look great by putting a high resolution device frame around the mirrored screen that looks just like the actual iPhone. Creating the feel of looking at the actual device.

It was so much fun building this and iterating on the feedback of the beta users. I'm really looking forward to all new users that use Bezel and will come up with more improvements.

Bezel has a trail version and can be downloaded from our website:


We've created a walkthrough video that explains most features: