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inside Vision Pro

Bezel gives you a sharp readable mirror of your iPhone.

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Sharp readable iPhone

No more fuzzy looking pass through.

Stunning looks

The screen is mirrored into a three-dimensional iPhone.

Fully wireless

Use the free iOS app to mirror without wires.

And there's more to love!

Portrait & landscape support.

Mirror multiple devices at once.

Guided setup for new devices.

Beautiful & fast native visionOS app.

Download on the App Store

Bezel is also available on macOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get Bezel for visionOS? What's the pricing?

Bezel is available on the App Store as a one-time $5 purchase. The free Bezel app for iOS is also required on the iPhone that you want to mirror.

What devices can be mirrored towards Bezel for visionOS?

At launch iPhones featuring FaceID running iOS 16.4 or newer are supported. We're looking to support more Apple devices in the future.

How does Bezel for visionOS relate to Bezel for macOS?

Bezel for visionOS is a native app for Apple Vision Pro build from the ground up and sold as a seperate purchase. You can get Bezel for Mac from the website.