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ID of session: wwdc2001-100
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Year of session: 2001
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WWDC01 • Session 100

Mac OS X Update

Mac OS • 1:38:38

Mac OS X began shipping worldwide March 24, 2001. Delivering a powerful foundation along with innovative technologies, Mac OS X offers unprecedented development opportunities. Learn about the goals and architecture of Mac OS X including Darwin, the open source foundation; Quartz, the industry's best graphics technology; Carbon and Cocoa, powerful application frameworks; and Aqua, the incredible new user interface of Mac OS X.

Speakers: Ken Bereskin, Bertrand Serlet, Tony O'Brien, Robert Bowdidge, C.K. Haun, Vince Parsons, Lorin Rivers, Eric Wittman, Andrew Stone, Marc Parmet, Wil Shipley, Graeme Devine

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