Mirror one window

Present a single window instead of your whole desktop.

Basic version free forever — 2 week free Pro trial

“Works like a charm! Having only the selected app shown on the big screen makes it feel like I have a personal TV director.”

Jaap Mengers
Software Engineer, Q42

Desktop mirroring is messy

Present a single window

By showing a single window on the big screen you keep the focus what matters. Your whole desktop might be a mess, but that doesn't have to distract your audience.

Single click.
Simply select the window you want to present from the menu bar. Only this window will be visible to your audience.
Protects privacy.
Mails, texts and DMs stay private, because notifications and open windows won't show up on the big screen.
Connect a TV or projector with a cable or AirPlay. Until you select the window to present only a wallpaper is visible.
Woman showing her work on the campaign in a meeting using CleanPresenter


Put the focus on what you present

The app you present is shown in isolation on the TV or projector. It is always perfectly centered and shown on a professional looking wallpaper. No matter what happens on your laptop.

Stunning wallpapers.
Choose from our hand-picked wallpapers to create a stunning backdrop that makes what your present stand out.
Online & offline.
Works with any TV or projector and equally well in video conferencing software like Meet, Zoom or Teams.
Leave an impression.
Give a presentation that stands out in clarity, be able to peak at notes or other documents without distracting viewers.

Your perfect presentation

Sales Pitch

Convince by showing off the real product to your customer. All as slick as a marketing video with way more flexibility.

Product Demo

Perfect for a scrum demo with clients or a company all-hands. Keep your notes open, but invisible on the big screen.

Engineering Demo

Live code with the Stack Overflow invisibly on the side. Or run from your IDE and present just the result on screen.


Free to use, optional upgrade



Great for small team presentations and demos.

  • Distraction-free live demos
  • Stress-free setup with Magic Connect
  • Oops-proof presenting
Download on the Mac AppStore


$39.99 /year

Perfect for sales pitches, product demos and all‑hands presentations.

  • Remove watermark
  • Handpicked wallpapers
  • 2 week free trial
  • Distraction-free live demos
  • Stress-free setup with Magic Connect
  • Oops-proof presenting
Download on the Mac AppStore
Also available on Setapp

Tailored to the Mac

Fast, reliable and easy to use.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected].

Is CleanPresenter privacy focussed?
Yes, all features are designed with privacy in mind and happen on your computer. Nothing presented is ever recorded or transmitted elsewhere.
Can people join my presentation in Meet/Teams/Jitsi?
Yes, select the app you want to present in the CleanPresenter menu. Then use the video conference screen share feature to share the CleanPresenter display. We currently support Teams, Slack, Zoom and all video conferencing software running in Google Chrome. WebEx and Safari are not yet supported.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, you can cancel at any time. You won't be charged again after cancelling and you keep access to your plan until the end of the current billing period.
Is there a Windows version?
At this moment CleanPresenter is Mac only and heavily optimized for the Apple ecosystem. We don't have plans for a Windows version yet.

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